Monday, August 24, 2009

Still Working On It

The funny thing is, when you're standing at T in the road, it feels really easy to go one direction, and really hard to go another one.

Anger comes easy.
Peace comes hard.

The other funny thing is that, whichever direction you take, the direction kind of takes over you.

Anger gets more and more intense.
Peace comes easier and easier.

I found myself struggling to do the right thing, to put aside my hurt feelings and feelings of "what do you mean, you think my work could be wrong/dangerous/too open?!??!!".

But once I made that choice, the way got easier. I found myself being more and more eager to talk, and to make sure that I was listening, as well as working on things from my own (generally fair) perspective.

It is a life lesson. The first step in doing anything is the hardest. The next step is easier, and the next easier still.

So we should choose our first little step, pay attention to our initial reactions, very, very carefully. Because easier and easier of some things is good...but easier and easier of others could be disastrous.


On another note: we got a pink note.

A pink envelope arrived in the mail, with a familiar FPO return address and the name of a Gunny Sargeant many of your guys would recognize. We were SO CURIOUS! Who was writing us from there?

It was a thank-you note. "Each small kindness, like a seed, grows tall in memory." And inside, thanks for a certain picnic to which we helped contribute.

Wow. That was unexpected and treaured. I cried. The note will stay on my desk...until we get the chance to, as they say, catch them on the rebound.

This might help plan it:

If you are emailing or writing, thank you. If you aren't...let me ask you to take a moment. Just a few words about daily life, what you're doing, gives them a precious, precious connection to home.

Thanks for checking in,

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