Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Birthday Treat.

We're on a family weekend. It's the one place I really want to go each year, my birthday trip to the Virginia mountains.

Next year, we really want so much to be all together. Up there, laughing, the guys throwing acorns at each other, arguing with me about hiking. Happy.
To paraphrase a saying from Passover:

Next year, in Virginia.

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  1. Katie, I did not come back to comment on a post you wrote that I left a brief comment on. I have struggled with wanting to write positive and uplifting posts on my blog. Posts that reflect my faith in God and my savior, His Son, Jesus. I have come to the conclusion that what we consider "positive thinking" is just plain NOT positive because it leaves those of us with too many negative experiences and feelings believing God does not care and we are failures. You're right when you say the Bible tells a different story about the fate of Christ-bearers. In fact, all of history tells the same tale. He does not offer us a life pain free and happy-go-lucky, but a life of purpose and hope in eternity...we do everyone a disservice to say otherwise. But, He also gives us a life of joy in spite of our circumstance, and that is a lot.

    I did write a post about "He sees each sparrow fall.." because I tell you, He sees the sparrow fall, but nothing says He prevents the sparrow from hurting or killing itself. It has taken me awhile to see any comfort in this verse many quote to offer comfort. It used to make me snort with distaste for I did not find it reassuring.

    I hope all is well with you and your son away from home in a hostile land. Our son came home safe from Iraq after his 2nd tour of duty as a tank commander for the U.S.M.C. Praise God.