Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just To Remind Myself

I have a literally impossible work schedule this week. A project for my church which HAS to be completed on time with no wiggle room, an editorial plan that was supposed to be turned in yesterday, a semi-favor that is expected this week, and a shop to decorate for a candlelight tour in hopes that sales will be good this weekend. And a Chanukah celebration which I am looking forward to very much because Leora’s potato latkes are just fabulous.

The teensiest bit of Whine snuck in on me while I was working at home late last night. Delightfully, Zach called us – YAY!!!! – and in just a minute, I remembered: this is The Year Of No Complaining.

He’s working the same long days I am this week…every day. It’s raining, and cold, and the portable toilets are a walk from their tents. They get shot at frequently. Schedule changes. Other stuff.

Despite that, they find time to laugh and be happy. He’s in pretty great shape, physically and emotionally.

I just got my first newsletter with pictures of the crew (problems getting them, so I missed all the first ones if there were pictures. They are decorating for the holidays, putting up strings of lights in their tents.

It helped me remember how very lucky I am to have all this work to do. Second, that I am healthy enough to do it. Third, and most importantly, that the folks I love are healthy and well so that the foundation to do all this work is in place.

So to Zach, this time, I’d like to say: thanks for checking in.

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  1. Every night our son was in Iraq ( he did 2 tours) I would say a prayer of thanks to God that for tonight I knew my son was safe and all I could do was remind God ( Who needs no reminding) He held the safety and life of my son in His hands. There was nothing I could humanly do for my son but pray and remember this to be true. Then I would sigh and go to sleep. I also do this with my other grown children and their children and spouses..because you know , the world everywhere can be a dangerous place!

    Your son has camaraderie he will always cherish, and knowing he has you and family and friends at home who love him and are waiting for him makes all the difference in his morale and outlook!