Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting There...And Getting There...And Getting There...

Getting There: Day Three (Friday)

They were supposed to have a two-hour layover in Germany before heading out again. They must have arrived about 11:30 in the morning. Was it this layover that they would need to put on their body armor and wear it from them on out? I can’t remember.

Getting There: Day Four (Saturday)

Driving to work, I find myself wondering where is he? I'm going to have to get used to that feeling, I guess!

I found out later that almost at that moment, he tried to call us – and no one picked up. It's odd, Zach and I have that connection.

Later on Saturday afternoon, he called again. Tired. Tired, tired, tired to the bone. Different country, same story. A long layover. He wants to get out of his clothes and get a shower.

There was no ground crew to unload the plane, so after all that traveling, they heaved all of the massive bags out of the airplane themselves. They were exhausted…but maybe it helped to stretch cramped muscles that had been sitting and standing too long.

Then a tractor trailer needed to be unloaded – of what? he didn’t say – and he helped with that too. It sounded as if he worked on it out of desperation to do something besides flying, or waiting to fly. They want to get to camp, and get to work.

Getting There: Day Five (Sunday)

An early morning call told us that they were leaving for camp, the final leg of their journey, soon. We don’t know what means of communication they will have. I feel lucky to have gotten the calls we did already!

The phone connection had a significant delay, and lots of the words fuzzed out. Zach sounds more tired than I have ever heard him. By the time I am writing this, they should be there…?

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