Friday, July 24, 2009

Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?

The camp where Scott and Zach are stationed is…well…rural.

I looked it up on Wikipedia. Loosely translated, it says that they are in a very remote desert. As in Very Extremely Middle Of Nowhere.

If you are traveling, and you’ve been traveling by jet and then propeller plane and then bus and then donkey cart and then on foot, and you’ve reached the little town of No F&#%king Where,’ve still got a hundred miles to go.

The mailing address used to be Friggin’SeriouslyRidiculouslyRemote, Afghanistan…but it was too long to get on the postcards, so they changed it to Fricking Remote, Afghanistan.

I’m thinking no plasma televisions there.

Thanks for checking in.


  1. Mrs. Ritter,

    I know you do not know me personally, but I know of you. I am the wife to Morgan Jones and friend of your wonderful son Zach. This post is as far as I have gotten tonight. It is past my bedtime and I need to get some rest before work in the morning. But I must say, this blog has brought tears to my eyes, and love and humor to my heart. I think this is great! I can't wait to keep reading. I hope you are doing okay and if you need anything just let me know.
    God Bless!

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